Choose the Hotel Roma quality

Breakfast - Roma Hotel offers its guests (to their discretion) the possibility to have breakfast in the bar counter hall, on the ground-floor near the reception. Breakfast may consist of fresh croissants and cafeteria service as well as (on clients' request) of the continental breakfast with marmalade or jam, butter and fresh bread. Breakfast service in bedroom is provided as extra.

Restaurant service: Roma Hotel does not have a dining hall.

The bar counter : Roma Hotel's inner cafeteria service also offers quick snacks, sandwiches, soft and long drinks, as well as ice cream and ready dishes. The service in bedroom is provided as extra.

Shuttle service: having no private shuttle service available, the transport to and from the airport as well as railway stations is however granted on request of the client. This service must be booked in advance and it also includes very convenient fixed prices for the groups (no more than 20 people).

Laundry service: Roma Hotel does not have an interior laundry service. The personnel of the hotel can however provide the service picking up the laundry from the clients and collecting it later from a trusted laundry service.